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no balloons

My husband’s aunt is 85, and she was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It’s late—the cancer, the time, the life.  But the life is precious; they are all precious.  We visited her on a Wednesday […]

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scar tissue

The other morning, I called my mother to tell her something. Her voice sounded shaky, like she was about to cry. “What’s the matter?” “I’m having a meltdown today,” she said, quivering. “I have all […]

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doable things

yesterday they carved a space in my bonesdug out pieces of me that my own bodyhad already evicted and now these fresh cut nervescan feel you on the porchknocking the mud from your bootsthey buzz […]

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goodpill industries

My medicine cabinet probably looks a lot like yours: analgesics and cold medicines; assorted eye and butt creams (the latter rarely used, of course, and certainly not by me); clippers and cutters; Vaseline and Vicks […]

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