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(there’s no such thing as shameless) self-promotion

I can flirt with the best of them. I can make lewd comments, behave boldly, brashly, wear low-cut shirts, talk trash, cuss like a sailor, pinch a friend’s ass, and take seductive fat-girl photos. But […]

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you need cool calendars; baby, I got cool calendars

My calendars looked so beautiful last year that I’m printing two new calendars for 2011–photos from the Hipsta and photos with a real camera! Click on the image below to enlarge it a tad. HIPSTA […]

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stepping away from the cake

The scale at Weight Watchers showed a 3.4-pound loss after the first week. That’s almost three and a half pounds of cake research (and beer research and Halloween candy research, et al.) gone. I realize […]

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on the interwebs again, my friends!

When I showed my husband the new gigantic interview with yours truly, “Breakfast with Leslie,” at Creative Construction: Life & Art, he said, “Yeah, so you’re on the Internet again.” I’ve made a lot of […]

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