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she hearts guitars

When my daughter left the house this morning in her school uniform, she was carrying far too many things: a backpack, a hoodie, her lunch box, a 20-ounce water bottle dangling from the handle, a […]

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happy, challah daze

Before spirituality became contagious, like a yuppie sickness, I considered myself spiritual; that is, I worshipped nature and “frolicked in the autumn mist” and babbled about the sunsets and the sounds birds make. But maybe […]

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where are those angels when you need them? at ladies rock camp.

I’ve been raising up my hands—drive another nail inJust what God needsone more victim.~Tori Amos, “Crucify” Many of us have this thing I call the Suck Voice. It doesn’t deserve capital letters, but it demands […]

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I recently sold some gigantic (18″ x 18″) enlargements of birds on a wire—three different shots. While I was signing one of them, my extra-fine Pilot Razor Point ran out of ink. It’s about time, […]

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lists: another list (also a thank-you card)

I love lists—whether they’re in literature or song or even tacked to someone’s fridge. They tell us about other people while they remind us about ourselves. I once wrote a long essay about the list, […]

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twenty-six-year itch

Two days ago, my mother-in-law would have celebrated her sixty-first wedding anniversary, had Marty’s dad not died a decade ago. This Christmas, my parents will have been married forty-seven years. Maybe long marriages are in […]

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Ready, Set—

Today is the day I slough my summer skin, that sun-dried outer shell, and expose my gooey center, the one that gets filled with cake and challah and buttercream. And then I’ll swear off that […]

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when we were bad, it was very, very good

As you know, I touched Kip Winger. And though my inner rock star is fighting with my outer groupie over this event (“touching Kip Winger? You should have been singing with Kip Winger, slut-ho-beyotch!”), the […]

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you know you have a fun job when you’re being paid to touch kip winger

I met Stacy in a bar last night while I was working. She told me I have a fun job. Stacy and her husband, Larry, paid two grand so that Larry could spend the day […]

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