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happy, challah daze

Before spirituality became contagious, like a yuppie sickness, I considered myself spiritual; that is, I worshipped nature and “frolicked in the autumn mist” and babbled about the sunsets and the sounds birds make. But maybe […]

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danger cake

Although research for The Book is long finished, I still get the occasional email for bizarre cake stories, like the ejaculating cake or this, the five-minute chocolate cake in a mug. “The Most Dangerous Cake […]

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Lemon Pounds Cake

I like to call this a pounds cake because you can make it exactly as you like it and gain several pounds from just a couple of pieces. I also like to post recipes for […]

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tropical morbet (because it’s more than sorbet)

My daughter has been begging me to make ice cream, so I put the Donvier base (bought for $6, including shipping, on Ebay, to replace the never-used one I chucked in a temporary fit of […]

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