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turn and face the strange changes

My daughter hates my new hair color, whatever color it is—the newness an issue more than the color. Heaven forbid I move a chair or swap furniture between rooms; my husband has a fit. Some […]

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the spot on the wall

part one I told a friend I was having a bit of an identity crisis. I’m not sure what I am—an author, a photographer, a mosaic artist, just another creative Libra with undiag- nosed adult […]

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oldies are goodies

My mother worked outside the home before any other mother I knew. She was a school teacher when I was little. Later, she took a job with some architects, as a secretary, sure, but she […]

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of machines and men

I squint at the six open DIY check stands at Home Despot (I call it that in honor of my Peepop, who once said “depot” when he meant “despot” during the annual reading of the […]

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Less Miserables

The change machine at Safeway spit out a Tennessee quarter, guitar-side up, and I considered it a sign: I should play my guitar! I consider everything a sign these days: the sale of a photo, […]

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I would rather spend my life close to the birds than wishing I had wings.” ~House, episode 1, season 5, “Dying Changes Everything.” While 2009 was preparing to be shoved out the back door by […]

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bmm: bad mommy moments

In the following story, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Photos are for illustration purposes only and do not depict actual persons or television shows. A friend of mine, Mary, is a […]

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driving mr. schneider: my day as a runner for the bob schneider band (part 2)

(continued from part 1) I am sitting in the lobby of Bob Schneider’s hotel, waiting for my favorite rock star to finish showering and get back into my car. As I say this, I still […]

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she hearts guitars

When my daughter left the house this morning in her school uniform, she was carrying far too many things: a backpack, a hoodie, her lunch box, a 20-ounce water bottle dangling from the handle, a […]

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yippie! hissssssss! hooray!

*note: this blog is messed up in Safari—don’t know why! It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing. ~Gertrude Stein I […]

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