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Today was a day like most other weekdays: long commute, long day writing mostly the same words in a slightly different order, work drama, some laughter coupled with paranoia and worry, a long commute, a […]

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beer, luxurious beer: what aleth thee?

The other day, my friend Bruce posted this funny-but-true joke on my wall: Leslie was drinking a glass of beer while outside with her husband, Marty.Leslie said, “I love you so much! I don’t know […]

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beer googles

Beer and cake are the most heavenly foods on earth. How do I reconcile my worship of a bitter, carbonated nectar with my equal rapture in the presence of the sweet, dense manna? Hell is […]

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rocker mom

My daughter likes me to be there. “There” is wherever she is—whether it’s on the field at soccer, in the swimming pool, or in the band room at rock school. She’s not content with on […]

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