Monthly Archives: December 2008


not myself

“This is not me,” I tell my husband. I have been crying, loudly, with choking and spasms and caught breath, for an hour, since he came home to tell me that no one called in […]

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doable things

yesterday they carved a space in my bonesdug out pieces of me that my own bodyhad already evicted and now these fresh cut nervescan feel you on the porchknocking the mud from your bootsthey buzz […]

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goodnight nurse

Note: photos are for illustration purposes only and are not depictions of actual nurses, night or day, described in this essay. Maybe nurses are like refrigerators. During visiting hours, when the quality of your care […]

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ol’ reliable

Every day, a squirrel climbs the ornamental cherry tree between my yard and my neighbor’s. I’ve been spending the afternoons on the living room sofa and am often startled by movement outside my side porch […]

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the one

My husband is serenading me with “Angel of Harlem.” I tell him how I love this unofficial ritual, this regular Sunday morning worship of the guitar in the Miller Kitchen, as it has come to […]

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