Monthly Archives: October 2008


at traction

“I don’t know you well, of course,” my physical therapist says as she pulls the traction belt tighter, “but within the first few minutes of meeting you, I knew you were a control freak.” That […]

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hot for teacher

My husband is a little starved for affection. His Catholic school teaching job has him working all the time—including various Friday night socials and random Sunday morning masses and open houses. Seems he can’t escape […]

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on the interwebs again, my friends!

When I showed my husband the new gigantic interview with yours truly, “Breakfast with Leslie,” at Creative Construction: Life & Art, he said, “Yeah, so you’re on the Internet again.” I’ve made a lot of […]

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It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday

So when you’ve written a book about cake—when you’ve baked a few yourself, had them declared delicious, had men kneel before you and women kiss your hand after partaking of your confection—who bakes your cake? […]

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untrue blue, misbegotten moon

If you were into astronomy, and you knew that this photograph was taken at 6 p.m. in October in the eastern United States, you might find it deceptive. In real life, the moon was farther […]

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want some whine with that, bitch?

As if we needed to devote any extra time to complaining, October 1 is the “official bitch day.” Don’t we bitch too much—about cellphone users and language abusers, political creeps and carb creep? Don’t we […]

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