Monthly Archives: September 2008


Lemon Pounds Cake

I like to call this a pounds cake because you can make it exactly as you like it and gain several pounds from just a couple of pieces. I also like to post recipes for […]

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Ready, Set—

Today is the day I slough my summer skin, that sun-dried outer shell, and expose my gooey center, the one that gets filled with cake and challah and buttercream. And then I’ll swear off that […]

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an open letter to my fantasies and crushes

Dear fantasies and crushes, I have been thinking about you a little more than usual lately—Bob, Kip, Chuck, Billy, Willy. That’s because I’ve been spending a lot of time immobile—in bed, on the kitchen floor, […]

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I’ll keep this brief.

If you have nothing to do at 3:00 tomorrow and want to see me try to read, nervously, from my book, please join me and the handful of others, who may or may not be […]

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Two confessions. The first will make me look a little queer, as my sister called me last night, when I started to cry. “Oh, shit, Les, you’re so queer,” she said. And the other will […]

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the sun and I will have our ups and downs

When your back is wrecked, you sometimes can’t walk, sit, stand, or lie down without a whole lot of pain. When it’s on the mend, you sometimes need a reminder of the things you can’t […]

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back. in black.

“I liked my old fun Mom.” That’s what my daughter said to me while I was brushing my teeth and moaning in agony last night, after having gotten a spinal cortisone shot. Part of me […]

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the chairs

I used to push and pull themwith cheery clang and janglesend them to each otheras violent as a tangoor as gentle as a glissadeand draw the fur of dogs,pull the dust of shedding sunlight,from piles […]

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“On a scale of one to—” the triage nurse begins. “Nine,” I say, scanning the room for a chart. I find two, and point out one to my husband, who is confused by my numerical […]

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